About Muckamore Company of Archers

We are primarily a target archery club (other forms of archery include, field & clout). We shoot on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

We are proud to have World, British and Northern Ireland champions and record holders amongst our membership. However, we are also delighted to have a club where all feel welcome and the craic is as important as hitting those golds!

We include in our membership old and young, able and less able bodied, men and women from all sorts of backgrounds.

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Muckamore Company of Archers in Ballyclare WOrking Closely with BLS

Muckamore Company of Archers was formed forty years ago and since then it has catered for archers of all abilities and styles. The club has grown steadily through the years.

From beginners to internationally competitive archers, the majority of archery abilities, styles and bow types are present and actively encouraged. Coaching / mentoring is important to us with our many experienced members willing to assist with beginner's tuition.

We are fortunate to have an experienced coaching team comprising Level 2 / Level 1 Coaches and Instructors / Leaders to help improve shooting techniques - both for beginners and experienced archers alike.